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Troup city, TCDC firm up budget

Yesterday at 8:00 PM

Budgets are on every agenda of cities and school districts this time of year. That holds true in Troup as the city and the Troup Community Development Corporation add and subtract dollars and cents until everything balances.

Whitehouse city election canceled

Yesterday at 8:00 PM

The City of Whitehouse was set to hold an election for mayor and two city council seats in November but now that will not be necessary. Monday was the deadline for those interested in running for Place 2, Place 4 and mayor.

Faith • Family • Future

Yesterday at 8:00 PM

Allen and Sarah Kaiser wanted something more than camping and earning badges for their children’s experience in the scouting world. They helped to start American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA which are Christ-centered scouting organization for girls and boys.


    • Dr. Dee Brock: Promoting the American Way

      Yesterday at 8:00 PM

      The year was 1919. US Representative James R. Mann proposed a House Resolution, also known as the Susan Anthony Amendment. That resolution was approved and just days later was passed by the Senate. Following ratification on Aug. 18, 1920, President Woodrow Wilson signed the 19th Amendment into law giving an estimated 25 million women the right to vote.