2007-03-22 / News

New Summerfield hires, suspends police chief

Following media reports of arrests and fraudulent licensing, New Summerfield Mayor Dan Stallings said Sunday he is "suspending any further relationship" between newly-hired police chief Michael Meissner and the city until the city council meets March 27.

According to published reports, Meissner has worked 16 law enforcement jobs in 13 years, has been arrested three times and his Master Peace Officer certificate has been revoked. (Charges in two of the arrests have been dismiised; the third is pending.)

Although Stallings said "all relations between New Summerfield and Meissner had been damaged beyond repair" due to the negative publicity, the mayor disputed reports that he had not checked Meissner's background.

He also levied his own accusations against a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, citing a phone conversation in which a TCLE rep made vague references to Meissner's history, including the web site www.michaelmeissner.com, but would not directly address Stallings' questions.

Stallings also said that the mayor of New Caney, Meissner's last position, had nothing but positive things to say about him and that he had other positive references.

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