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Living Out Loud

Share the bounty from your garden
Suzanne Loudamy

“Wake the neighbors! Get the word out! Come on, crank up the music, climb a mountain and shout! This is life we’ve been given, made to be

lived out … so live out loud.”


I just love the age that J.D. has reached. He will be one year old next month. He is just starting to get into trouble. Whether it is pulling the dog’s ear or pulling on an electrical cord of a lamp, the NO word has entered the vocabulary. But so have those precious devilish grins that melt your NO into mush.

Wayne was shaking his finger at him about something and I swear, he shook his finger back. And of course that was the end of the trouble. He grabbed him up and kissed him all over and they found something else to do to keep him out of trouble!


All this talk of fresh veggies and fruits is making me hungry. You’ll see that Troup Food Pantry is asking for backyard gardeners and farmers with extra produce to share. This will enable them to have a free farmer’s market one day a week for a few hours on Wednesday mornings. What a great idea and great way to share the bounty!


The best part of the YesterYear Review, Coronation and Ball, as always, were the little kids. They were on their almost absolute best behavior. But there were a few that stole the show! They were adorable!

Teresa, the show was great. Jeff, the food was wonderful. Parents, thanks for all your time and money spent!

Talent, oh my do we have talent in this town! If you missed it, you should kick yourself. Besides the beautiful pageantry of the princess, the ladies and their courts, you missed outstanding singing, dancing and acting.

Mark your calendars now for the third and fourth weekends of June to enjoy all that YesterYear has to offer.


Family reunions are growing again in popularity. When is the last time you attended one? Whether it is your blood family or the family you married into, if there is an event like this scheduled somewhere along the roots or branches of your family tree, take the opportunity and go. It is great for your children to get to know family members they may never meet otherwise.

Ours is held at a state park. Some camp in tents, some stay in RVs, some rough it at a local motel and others of us stay in the screened in shelters.

It’s just about getting together and sharing the history of your family (good, bad and ugly) and enjoying the laughter, the conversation and of course the food.


If you have a little something to share, please send it to me at reporter@tricounty leader.com or call me at 903-839-2353.

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