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Troup council denies zoning change request

Two zoning requests were listed on Tuesday night’s agenda, both asking for zoning changes from single family to commercial.

Property in question at 302 E. McKay was denied by the Planning and Zoning Commission and was up- held by the city council. The owner’s request was denied mainly due to the type of structure that was proposed to be erected. Council members said if that issue could be resolved, they would recom- ommend that the petitioner go back to P&Z for further consideration.

The other residence at 307 E. McKay was tabled by both since P&Z was requesting more information from the owner.

The ordinance that would create offenses for illegal water connections and tampering with water meters was tabled again.

“This is nuts,” councilman Joe Carlyle said. “I want the citizens to be able to turn off their water if they need to.”

Council members asked that the public works director figure the cost of placing a cut-off value on the customer side of the meter so that should the customer have an absolute need to shut off their water, they could.

The wording in the current document states that a person in violation of the ordinance is subject to a fine of up to $2,000. “You’re punishing good people to get to the people who aren’t playing by the rules,” said Carlyle.

Tim Young asked that information be brought to the council by Public Works Director Jon Hall about why the water has a color to it. Mayor John Whitsell tried to explain the chemical issue, but deferred to Hall to speak to the council at a later time.

The executive session to discuss possible litigations yielded no action by the council.

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