2012-03-22 / News

Troup City Council accepts 2011 audit


Troup city council members heard from Lynn Acker of the Acker and Company accounting firm who recently completed the city’s financial audit for FY-10 and FY- 11.

While no irregularities were found, recommendations were made that financials be presented for audit in a more timely manner in the future, that banking would be simplified without multiple accounts and that the library return to being under the guides of the city.

Acker also addressed the city’s concerns of onhand cash in the general fund and current water and sewer rates.

“There are some concerns on our cash position as our reserves in our general fund have fallen to a level that is not preferable to the council,” Mayor John Whitsell said. “Our cash flow is fine and the city is not in any monetary danger. This is a situation that we will continue to monitor and will be addressed further with the new administrator.”

Whitsell went on to say that the city has completed a rate study but increases on that schedule have not been implemented. He says that will be addressed as it relates to the current expense level in the utility department.

The council heard from Charles Kelly of Troup that he is concerned about seeing the speed limit lowered near his home in the area of Hwy. 110 and Kate Street. Whitsell said that Texas Department of Transportation sets those limits and has been contacted before, but he will ask the police chief to make a request for a study seeing that more commercial businesses are opening up in that area.

Delores Williams spoke to the council requesting that the city work on a short and long range plan as a directional document to properly handle employment, growth and the wellbeing of Troup. She offered her help on any project they would like to put forward.

Approval was given for the mayor to order a cancellation for the scheduled election. Candidates John Whitsell, Mayor; Carole Wilson, Place 5 and Joe Carlyle, Place 2 were all unopposed for their re-election.

Whitsell stated that he is still in discussions with a finalist for the City Administrator position.

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