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Foundation created to raise funds for WISD

A group of community leaders, with the assistance of the Whitehouse ISD Administration and School Board, have organized to form an education foundation to support Whitehouse public schools, its teachers, and students. The Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation proudly announces their formation as a non-profit corporation and their election of initial board members.

The mission of the Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation is to support educational excellence, promote innovation in teaching, enhance educational programs consistent with the goals of the District, and partner with the community to enrich the quality of education for all students in the District.

Ultimately, funds raised by the Education Foundation will benefit the Whitehouse School District by enhancing and enriching educational opportunities for student, supporting innovative teaching efforts and recognizing staff for exemplary teaching. The Education Foundation looks forward to establishing partnerships with businesses and individuals to assure a quality education for all Whitehouse students. Initial funds raised will be used specifically for innovative teaching grants that will provide resources directly to the classroom for teachers to implement exciting new educational programs, recognizing academic achievement of students, and recognizing teaching excellence.

Over the summer, the Education Foundation will establish a grant process. And, in the 2014-15 academic year, teachers and staff will be eligible to participate in requesting funds from monies raised. Additionally, the Education Foundation will begin raising funds from the individuals and businesses with an interest in seeing educational opportunities enhanced within the District. To facilitate, this campaign, Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation has made application to be a charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service section 501(c)(3) so that contributions to the organization are tax deductible.

The idea for the foundation came from a growing consensus in the community and among WISD School Board members that there was a need for an organization to raise private funds and use those funds to directly benefit classroom instruction. According to Daniel DuPree, Superintendent of Schools for WISD, “The District is committed to partnering with the Education Foundation to ensure its success, and we look forward to seeing the results of private dollars directly invested into the classroom. To make sure that the WISD Education Foundation meets its first year goals and objectives, the District hired Foundation Innovation LLC, a firm which specializes in setting up education foundations, to assist with forming the Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation and establishing successful policies and procedures.”

Foundation Innovation has worked with many communities and school districts in Texas and other states to establish foundations to benefit public school systems. According to Laurie Cromwell of Foundation Innovation,

“Following in the footsteps of public universities and colleges, K12 school districts and their local communities are establishing their own foundations to leverage private dollars and expand opportunities for their teachers and students. There are currently hundreds of education foundations set up in Texas and the number continues to grow.”

Initial Board Members of the Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation include: Lilie Broughton, Colleen Colby, Holly Conaway, Daniel DuPree, Jennifer Eckles, Lisa Forman, Greg Hood, Leslie Huval, Micheal Lavender, Sue Lawler, Karen Lively, Nathaniel Moran, Tanya Peterson, Eddie Ray, Randall Robinson, Waymon Stewart, Christine Stinson, and Keidric Trimble.

“The Education Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to our community and educational excellence and I am proud to serve with them to support and enhance the tools available to the district,” said Nathaniel Moran, President of the Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation. “We are very excited that community members have organized to help attract private funds to benefit our schools. I am certain that the return on the community’s investment in this Education Foundation will be long-lasting and far exceed our wildest expectations.”

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