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Living Out Loud

Suzanne LoudamySuzanne Loudamy“Wake the neighbors! Get the word out! Come on, crank up the music, climb a mountain and shout! This is life we’ve been given, made to be lived out … so live out loud.”


It may not technically be summer just yet, but the signs of summer are everywhere.

Along with the warmer temperatures and the lack of school buses on the road, the crack of the bats at the ball park and the buzz of the bugs are in the air.

Some of the most familiar winged creatures that appear about this time of year actually started a few weeks ago at my house. Those June bugs are here in force.

My grandson JD is a little too scared of bugs for my liking so we are trying to teach him the difference in the good bugs and the bad bugs. His daddy is highly allergic to a bee or wasp sting so JD thinks all bugs, especially those that fly, are bad.

He has learned that the June bugs (Phyllophaga) are friendly even though they kind of stick to your skin when they land. I told him they are just trying to hold on to their new friend. That seemed to help him understand.

We searched the yard high and low for the new bugs that have moved into our yard, the eyed click beetle (Coleoptera: Brachypsectridae) but had no luck. We could hear them but not one would show themselves. He would have loved those funny little guys.

This year he is seeing an old friend of mine in the back yard - the lightning bug, AKA firefly (Photinus). He has seen a lightning bug before but this year he seems to be more adventurous and inquisitive about it.

Saturday night he and Pa took a mason jar out to try and catch a few of the tiny illusive dusk fairies. Most of them managed to stay just out of their reach but one notso lucky flashing fellow fell captive to the jar jail.

As expected JD was mesmerized by the flashing in the jar. And he didn’t want to let him go until I explained that his family would miss him very much and might move away from our backyard if we didn’t let him go back to join them.

Hopefully, upon JD’s return next weekend, we will again have the pleasure of making some of the best summer memories ever that include the bugs of summer.

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