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Competing prayers?


Differences of opinion and perspective make life interesting. As my father used to tell me, “If two people completely agree on all things, then one of them is redundant.”

If two people are related or close friends, they can often overlook differences of opinion even after lively discussions. They usually just agree to disagree for the sake of the relationship.

But, what do you do when two people ask you to pray for completely opposite outcomes?

I teach a Sunday school class which currently consists of teenage boys. During the opening moments of our class we verbalize prayer requests and then one of us prays aloud before beginning the lesson.

My husband, the pastor, is the camp sponsor for our group of students this week. This past Sunday, the boys asked for prayer that it not rain at camp. The young men stated it had rained heavily a few years ago and because there was lightning, they had to remain indoors.

That same afternoon as my family was enjoying lunch, my husband said perhaps we should pray for rain during camp so that the temperatures would be kept cool. Well, at least cool for mid-July in East Texas.

I informed him of my students’ request and said maybe I should just pray for safety and leave the weather up to God.

When I spoke to my husband Monday evening following the first day of camp, I told him we’d had rain in Whitehouse and inquired if it had rained at camp. Pine Springs Baptist Camp, where our church sends the youth each summer, is located in Laneville, about 37 miles southeast of Whitehouse.

He said it had been overcast and the weather was cooler than normal, but they hadn’t had a drop of rain all day. The students got to spend time outdoors, and the weather was more bearable for my husband.

I guess God had it figured out all along.


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