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We are at that time of the year when the days are getting noticeably longer. Okay, technically each day is still just 24-hours long. However, the length of daylight is increasing and I love it.

I’m not sure why, but the longer days just make me happy.

Maybe it’s because this is the same part of the year when East Texas weather has finally stabilized and decided it is time to warm up. No more bi-polar weather. No more last hurrahs of winter. We have finally thawed and are heading into summer. I’m not exactly a cold weather type person and who doesn’t like a sunny day?

Perhaps I like this time of year because I feel more productive with more daylight hours to work in. Although, I’m not sure that makes much sense. Household chores don’t necessarily require daylight, but somehow when I get home and it is already dark, I just don’t feel like doing housework.

It could possibly be that I enjoy spending time with family and friends. When it gets dark before I even leave work at the end of the day, it already feels so late I don’t want to go out or play hostess. Though I don’t exactly hibernate, during the days when there are more daylight hours I do feel more sociable.

I’m certain there are those who would tell me things about the amount of melatonin a body produces when the daylight hours are shorter resulting in greater lethargy or about the decrease in vitamin D that comes with less exposure to the sun. Who knows? Some might just say it’s all in my head.

Whatever the reason, I’ll just say, “Come on summer, come on sun; it’s time to play and have some fun.”


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