Enrollment numbers for local districts down overall


Student enrollment for Troup and Whitehouse is lower than the 2016 enrollment, while the numbers for Arp show an overall increase in students.

Troup shows a district-wide decrease of a single student with 1,079 enrolled last year and 1,078 students enroll presently. The high school increased registration from 307 to 323 students. The middle school also showed an increase from last year’s 233 to this year’s 248. The drop in numbers at the elementary from 539 to 507 accounted for the district showing an overall decrease of one.

Whitehouse numbers showed a general decrease of 64 students, or 1.35%. While Cain and Stanton-Smith elementary schools each posted increases, from 603 to 628 and 594 to 599 respectively, the remaining two elementary schools posted greater losses resulting in an overall decrease in elementary enrollment. Brown Elementary fell from 319 to 281 students, while Higgins Elementary dropped from 702 to 670 students.

Enrollment at Holloway rose from 357 in 2016 to 381 for this year. The junior high fell by three, but the high school, being the largest campus, showed the greatest difference with a reduction of 45. This left a district wide account of 64 fewer students this year compared to last year.

Of the three districts, Arp was the only one to post an overall increase in student enrollment, showing 880 total students this year versus the 838 from 2016. The elementary school grew from 385 to 433 students while the high school edged up from 261 to 265 students. The junior high was the only campus to show a reduced enrollment for this year compared to last and it was only a difference of ten, dropping from 192 to 182 enrollees.


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