Grant funds technology for Arp ISD


The Arp Independent School District has announced that it is participating in the Lending Grant Initiative through the Texas Education Agency. The grant amount is based on district size and totals $50,000.

The funds will provide junior high and high school students various electronic devices including iPads, netbooks and laptops. The devices are specific to the content used by the particular grade level of the student, according to Dr. Joy Rousseau, Arp ISD Technology Director.

“We had received a lending grant a few years ago for our elementary school and now these students are attending our junior high school,” Rousseau stated.

The devices will be available at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year and are intended for educational purposes and to help students address the Texas TEKS (Essential Knowledge and Skills) for their courses.

There will be specific training sessions for students, parents and teachers and contracts for use of the devices must be signed by both student and parent during those sessions. The devices will need to be returned just before the school year ends in order to check that they are in good condition and to update the devices.

For students without internet access, the district will also provide hotspot devices to be checked out for those homes.

“The checkout periods will be delegated by instructional need as designed by teachers who assign curriculum online,” Rousseau noted. “All our devices and access points are password protected.”

If summer school is needed, students may also choose to use the devices during that time.

“We have also received Connection Grants through TEA that allowed Arp ISD to gain recognition nation-wide from the National School Board Association and the Center for Digital Education as the No.1 digital school district in the nation for a district of our size,” Rousseau added. “We are constantly looking for ways of giving our students the best education and to prepare them for promising and successful futures.”


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