It was a treat-for-all day


The parent-teacher organization of Cain elementary sponsored a school-wide Kona Ice treat day at Cain Friday, Dec. 1.

Kona Ice offers a give-back program and if they are invited on campus monthly, the PTO will receive 30 percent of the day’s proceeds, according to Meredith Bryans who serves as PTO president.

The date set for the treat day was chosen simply because “it was available” and even though Kona Ice Day was set in December the day turned out sunny and warm.

“I was just talking to Justin, who has the trucks here, and he said they did one at another school when it was 45 degrees outside and they made just as much,” Bryans said. “The kids don’t care [about the temperature].”

Though students brought their own money for the treats, the portion of the proceeds given to the PTO will go back into the school.

“We do all kinds of different project and it depends on the year,” stated Bryans. “Last year, with funds that we raised, we were able to purchase every child a blue ribbon shirt.”

“We also do teacher scholarships or grants,” Bryans explained. “The teachers have to write to explain how they are going to use the money.”

One example of a teacher grant was the purchase of flexible seating.

“Usually at the beginning of the year we look at a variety of projects and figure out what are the best fits,” Bryans said. “We’ve done spirit nights with restaurants in the past, but usually the percentage is a lot less and it’s not during the school hours.”

“I like this one because it directly involves the kids,” Bryans commented. “They get to have something fun that’s inexpensive, but then we get a portion of that to help give back through PTO.”

The next fund-raiser is “Pancakes and Pajamas” at The Diner, 7924 South Broadway Avenue, Tyler. It will run from 5-7 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 17. More information can be found on the facebook page Cain Elementary PTO.


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