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Provision before the need


A couple weeks ago my sweet husband’s truck was rear-ended. While sitting at a red light in a nearby town, he was hit by a driver who never stopped for the intersection. Fortunately they were only travelling at about 35 miles per hour, but we have learned that even a collision at that low speed can cause great damage. Aside from the physical damage to his truck, he spent nearly a week fighting through the effects of a concussion. Fortunately, that was the worst of his injuries. We are so grateful that it was nothing worse.
After filling out close to a hundred forms, faxing things, mailing things, electronically sending pictures and talking to dozens of people on the phone, he was able to get repairs scheduled for his truck. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the car repair place, he learned that there was much more significant damage than we previously thought and his truck was determined to be unsafe to drive, totaled by the insurance company. It is amazing to me how one seemingly minor wreck can cause so much damage!
We fretted that we’d be stuck in a bad position after this. You see, Larry’s truck was paid off, but it was nearly ten years old and had high mileage. He drives quite a bit for his job and puts a lot of miles on his vehicles. Knowing this, we were afraid that the value of the truck would be so low that we couldn’t buy a comparable vehicle to replace it and we would end up with a car payment. Having lived without a car payment for a couple years now, we were not thrilled about going back into debt due to a wreck that was not even our fault! In the end, however, we were blessed with a decent settlement, allowing us the opportunity to buy a used vehicle in cash, not adding any new monthly payments to our budget.
After spending the past few days repeatedly quoting the scripture from Philippians about how God will provide all our needs, it was funny to arrive at church on Sunday and hear the same theme repeated in our pastor’s sermon. He talked of a time when his own family had a monetary need and it was taken care of by the hand of Providence. Story after story flooded my mind of times over the years when our family’s needs have been taken care of in some seemingly supernatural way. While some could attribute those situations to coincidence or chance, our faith tells us otherwise.
Do you have one of those stories, too? Have you had situations where the provision was made for you before you ever knew there was a need? I would love to hear your stories. Please email me at I may include them in a future article here in Life Narrated.
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