Summer is almost here!


Friends, I am getting a little antsy. After just about one hundred and seventy-seven days with young teenaged students, I am ready for a break. But somehow, at the same time, I am already missing the kids. I know. It sounds insane that I would want a break from my students all while already anticipating worrying about them all summer, but it’s true. I spend so many hours a day with them for such a long time and then all the sudden it is over and I have to sit back and wonder if they will be taken care of, if they will eat enough, if they will have a good summer break. Will they spend any time at all reading a book? Will they stare at a screen all summer while giving themselves carpal tunnel from all the texting and gaming? Will they get to enjoy snow cones and ice cream or will their families barely scrape by?

As an educator, I am really spoiled with wonderful work hours and plenty of breaks. I am completely aware of how ruined I am to a “normal” work day. Most people have to work all the way up until five o’clock in the evening while I am done and at home by the time that they clock out. Most jobs do not afford time off when one’s own children are out of school for holidays and summers, but mine does. While I am spoiled in that sense, I think I earn those breaks because most people do not care to work with eleven to fourteen year olds all the time. Ironically, I can’t imagine doing anything else! I really can’t imagine doing most of your jobs. Fortunately, we are all called to different things – and I am blessed that my calling includes a great schedule!

At my school, we’ve had a countdown to summer going for a few months. By the time you read this, we will be nearing the single digits. I can almost smell the coconutty sunscreen. I can nearly hear the waves crashing on the shore. If I lean just right and squint, I can just about see the bunkbeds at church camp. With summer approaching so rapidly, these last couple weeks of school will pass quickly. We have one more round of state testing, a field trip or two, a school talent show, final exams and graduation. Before I know it, I’ll be wearing shorts and flip-flops every day.

As summer arrives, I’ve been thinking about what lies ahead. I am going to pull out a few books I have been holding onto for a while now and spend some time every day resting and reading. I plan to finally go visit Bahama Bucks in Tyler. I will spend a few weeks helping out my husband after shoulder surgery. I plan to redecorate my son’s bedroom. I anticipate lots of naps and probably many late nights. Oh yes, the glory of shutting off that alarm clock is coming, too! What do your summer plans look like?


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