TASCA offering weekly ballroom dancing classes


Jim Gehring, who has been teaching ballroom dancing since 1973, moved his classes to TASCA in Whitehouse just this year after outgrowing his previous space.

Gehring teaches an 11 a.m. Wednesday morning class for TASCA which was formed about a month ago and is open to the public. Each month a new dance is taught. During September, Gehring is teaching the salsa and in October he will teach the waltz. All ballroom and country dances are covered within the course of a year.

Gehring says that dancing is “great exercise” and is “one of the keys to a long life, keeping your legs strong, continuing to remain mobile and also keeping your mind sharp.” The benefits go beyond exercise because “it is a great way to have fun and meet people and get involved.”

TASCA member and dancing student Connie Williams said she decided to join because she “wanted to learn ball dance” because “it’s beautiful” though she also came for the exercise.

Dave Smith, another TASCA member, said he began lessons because “a lady very gently suggested that we take dancing lessons because if I was going to lead, it would be nice if my feet knew where they were going.”

Gehring would like to see the Wednesday class grow and Williams agrees. Smith stated he enjoys the small class because he gets “a lot more personal attention.”

“The instructor is really good and is very patient and makes sure we get the steps down correctly,” Williams commented.

“He keeps us on our toes,” Smith concluded.

The ballroom dance classes held at 11:00 a.m. Wednesdays at TASCA cost $4 for members and $5 for non- members and are paid for by the class. For more information on dancing lessons or any other TASCA event or activity, email info@tasco.org or call (903) 871-3217.


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