The end of an era at Whitehouse Junior High School


A brief but intense effort to gather community members with any association to the current Whitehouse Junior High building, especially those who graduated when the building served as the high school, was led by Rachal Leewright and David Cassady.

The building is scheduled for demolition July 17 and the pair wanted as many former students, teachers, administrators and staff to be included in the last pictures to be taken prior to the razing of the building.

On Sunday, July 8, hundreds gathered at the flag pole in front of the building, located at 108 West Wildcat Drive, despite overcast skies and drizzling rain.

Some came from the Dallas area and some from as far away as Missouri, according to Cassady.

Folks congregated in small groups prior to the pictures being taken and lingered afterwards to reminisce.

Just prior to the photo shoot, a short ceremony was conducted with the raising of the flag, singing the school song, prayer and recognition of teachers and administrators.

Pictures were then taken by Paige Dyer, using both a traditional camera and her husband’s drone, as well as by student staff members of the high school newspaper, The Paw Prints.

Pictures from Sunday’s gathering have been shared and can be seen on the Facebook page of David Cassady along with links to the photos by Dyer and media coverage of the event.

The address of the new junior high campus is 101 Bain Place, though the address may change once construction is complete. The school will open for the fall semester.


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