The Simple Life

The scenic route


Living in Jacksonville and working in Whitehouse obviously requires a commute. Though most people measure distance in miles, we Texans tend to measure distance in time. So, my drive to work, and back home, is 20-25 minutes long.

It isn’t like city driving, though. There are few concrete roadways, brick buildings and only one traffic light on the route I take. Instead, I get to enjoy gentle curves, rolling hills, ponds shimmering in sunlight and tree covered lanes that open into pastureland where cattle graze. While driving this scenic route I also get a bit of peace and quiet.

While some folks don’t care much for quiet, I find it restful and refreshing. It seems like life nowadays is filled with “background noise” from computers, phones, gadgets that talk, radios, traffic and just being around people in general.

The quietness of my drive allows me to think. I know for many of us, myself included, this can sometimes be a dangerous pastime. However, the time alone, enjoying nature, also gives me a chance to reflect on how good my life has been and how truly blessed I am. It also gives me the opportunity to start and end my work day talking with God.

Whether you pray, meditate or focus on positive thinking; a drive through the country is an excellent time to do so. The surroundings are calm and peaceful. There’s no one around to watch you and the cows certainly don’t mind.


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