Whitehouse ISD Innovators of the Year announced


Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation has announced their top Innovators of the Year. Their education grants were funded by the Foundation earlier in the year and these top two teams along with other grant recipients will be honored during the upcoming Taste of Whitehouse Celebration of Innovation, Saturday, April 1, 6-9 p.m. at Whitehouse High School.

The grant dubbed Learning in Three Dimensions was written by Lannette Burlingame and Kim Bittick. They work with visually impaired student throughout WISD. Their $1,469.54 grant went toward a 3-D printer which turns two-dimensional learning into a three-dimensional experience for students who have a visual impairment.

“The 3-D printer has opened up new ways of delivering instruction to our visually impaired students,” Burlingame said. “We can now think about the various instructional materials needed to teach concepts in new and innovative ways because the sky is quite literally the limit with 3-D printing. If we can imagine it and design it on the computer, the 3-D printer can make it a reality for our students. It is such a blessing to have technology such as this at our fingertips every day. Thank you for your support WISD Education Foundation . . . you really do make dreams come true!”

Michelle Conner and Randi Dunn are the second team to be honored as Innovators of the Year. They teach seventh and eighth grade English and Reading at Whitehouse Junior High School. Their $1,080 grant went to purchase Breakout Boxes. They are used to teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting students with challenges that ignite their natural drive to solve problems. Students try to “escape” by solving clues based on lesson objectives for reading and English.

“By using the Breakout EDU boxes, English Language Arts classes have been able to implement an innovative, hands-on approach to teach critical thinking skills that are crucial to students’ academic growth,” Randi Dunn said. “It has provided students with an engaging and multi-sensory approach to learning. Never have students been so inquisitive about learning in our classrooms as collaborative problem solvers.”

Information and sponsorship opportunities for this event are available on the Foundation’s website at wisdef.org.


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