WISD hires new personnel


Whitehouse Independent School District hired new personnel for the 2017-2018 school year.

The personnel are as follows:

AIM Center - Amanda Clower.

Brown Elementary School - Jessica Hernandez, Holly McCarty and Ashley Phillips.

Cain Elementary School - Whitney Bane, Danica Bielss, Jaimee Browning, Morgan Broyles, Jocelyn Iske, Stacy LaBeff, Mallory McConnell, Alanna Mehlenbacher, Katherine Murrah and Megan Strickland.

Higgins Elementary School - Pamela Williams and Jamie Willis.

Holloway Sixth Grade School -Kirk Daigle and Marysol Romero.

Stanton-Smith Elementary School - Lindsey Amick, BreAnna Molloy and Rhonda Proffer.

Whitehouse High School - Shara Barry, Hugo Cano, Matthew Cook, Chelsey Cope, Jana Darby, Cassie Evans, Kody Evans, Katheryn Ford, Patrick Howard, Courtney Kimbrough, Adam McMahon, Robert McMichael, Tom Mensch, Darlene Peek, Penny Spellman.

Whitehouse Junior High School Lauren Bolton, Larry Boyd, Cooper Brenton, Erin Hale, Kyle Holder, Melissa Kimbrough, Staci Lewis, Pleet Olvera and Paige Peyton.


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