Work continues at WISD campuses


Construction crews are hard at it and the summer heat is keeping everyone hopping with everything going as scheduled at multiple locations in Whitehouse ISD.

While “on time” is great news to hear, under budget is even better.

“Currently we are under budget on every project except the sports complex,” WISD Superintendent Dr. Chris Moran said. “And you’ll remember that our original plan for the fields was grass and it was later changed to turf. That’s where we are over.”

The maintenance and warehouse area is very close to finished. It is complete with ample sturdy shelving for storage. This will allow the district to buy various supplies in bulk which typically saves money. That has only been done to a certain extend previously due to the lack of storage space.

The area is also equipped with locking cages where chemicals and other items can be stored and secured. The covered slab on the east end of the building will allow for a dry area for repair work on large items including tractors or mowers. There is also a sloping loading dock. A long covered area is almost complete where trucks and large fleet equipment can be parked.

The greenhouse is being moved back to the west and a new metal work shop is being built where the greenhouse sat.

Dirt is moving at the junior high as the soil is prepared for a foundation to the west of the stadium.

Moran said the public can rest assured the regular parking for football season in the grassy area west of the stadium will be ready for the 2017 season. While there are items and spoil dirt on that area now, those will all be moved before the start of the season.

“The parking between the tennis courts and Stanton-Smith will remain,” Moran said. “People should not have a problem with parking.”

The junior auxiliary gym will stay in place due to the half-time dressing rooms being attached. Taking the gym out would require a rebuild for those.

While the new turf is down on the stadium field, work is still in progress in some areas and the field is not open yet.

There will be a short time at the high school where students will have to walk around to the front entrance from the student parking lot and not be able to use the student entrance. As soon as possible, a temporary tunnel will be built so that students can go back to using the student entrance.

“Our message to everyone is ‘Just plan to be inconvenienced. We are sorry. It’s going to be painful but so worth it in the end,’” Moran said. “We just can’t avoid it.”


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