Digital Smile Design: What It Is And When Is It Useful

computer generated changes to teeth for a better smileYou may have heard of this cool new tech for perfecting a less than perfect smile. When you are not feeling confident about your smile, it’s hard to cope in social situations like taking cool selfies with friends, public speaking or meeting new people. When meeting new people and smiling in public becomes somewhat of a challenge, life gets hard. You could be missing out on several opportunities to have fun and be successful in business and career advancement. But all hope is not lost. With DSD you can get your smile back hassle free without undergoing some torturous procedures. After reading this you will be in a position to decide from a point of information whether or not DSD is for you.

But first let’s explore DSD 101, the basics.

What is Digital smile Design?

DSD refers to the new treatment option that has proved advantageous over traditional smile restoration processes. It all starts with a system upgrade by your Minot dentist so that every aspect of your care is advanced. From the intraoral and extra oral evaluation to swift communication between teams providing your care and other clinics, everything is transformed. Being the cutting edge proprietary technology that it is, Digital Smile Design is only offered by a handful of the best dental offices across the country.

You will enjoy access to more education so that you are in the best form to make informed choices and catch a glimpse of what the treatment procedures will entail. Educational materials and visual representation come at you symmetrically so that you are sure that you are in the communication age where we inform then sell. The key advantage with this new protocol is that patients will be able to visualize what their finished smile will look like once treatment is complete.

The entire DSD process is very predictable which the whole point of a design is. Predictions using digital solutions and the latest 3D rendering equipment for scans enable doctors to gather enough data to model every detail of the mouth.  This means patients get to see what transformation they are about to undergo and know what to expect at any stage.

The system also ensures that results are achieved through tracking of results by taking videos and high detail photos. This reassures patients and enhances mutual trust. Perhaps what really makes DSD worth a trial is that it takes into account the user’s needs and wants. This means that each patient gets the best care and is satisfied with the results each time.

Why choose Digital Smile Design?

Restoring dentures and resolving bite issues with teeth is hardly enough for most patients. A beautiful smile helps stand out and feel confident and beautiful. Because a smile is vital to the way you feel which in turn defines how happy you will be at all times, hiding flawed smiles is not a good plot. People generally do not like people who don’t smile at them especially at first encounter. Choosing Digital Smile Design means you can have your smiling confidence back and your life back. New opportunities to meet people for social reasons and scaling the business heights.

Every patient is unique and DSD takes this into account. There are things that you really hope to achieve through your procedure and you are unlikely to get all of them from a traditional one size fits all treatment process. Additionally, you are not limited to a single course of treatment. All your needs and wants from the care session are solved simultaneously.

You can expect a beautiful natural smile that brings out your best living lights from within. That is probably because DSD experts are more than just dental experts. With a touch of art and design, they will go to a great length to do more than what is medically necessary to give you an artistic smile. All this without having to suffer the agonizing crude treatment methods of the past or be the victim of miscommunication regarding your treatment which leads to frustrations.

Every dental patient wants to make an informed choice and feel pretty confident about the whole process knowing what the next steps are. Misinformation or total lack of communication can present a big problem for dental patients.

Who makes a great candidate for Digital Smile Design

The best news yet about the new treatment protocol everyone is already talking about, is that nearly everyone is a qualified candidate. What there is to it is a thorough analysis of your facial and oral layout of features and consultation on what you hope to achieve. You can expect to be involved in the engaging planning and design phase. Because you are able to see what your finished smile will actually look like at the end, it becomes easier to decide if this is for you or not.

For those who have always wanted to improve an aspect of their smile, it is high time to visit a modern dentist at a dental office near you. With DSD providers, you will be in the driver’s seat throughout the treatment process. There will be tracking of results with enough records and high tech imaging devices and illumination technologies. Care is provided by the best specialized hands in your region with state of the art dentistry technology making it safe, affordable and with little to no pain at all.

What next?

To learn more about modern dental design and cutting edge new technologies that can transform your smile for less, start by calling and scheduling a consultation at Kemmet Dental Design. Dentist everywhere are turning to smart treatment with safe new technologies rather than the ancient find and drill techniques. Smart also means informing and sharing problems with other service providers for you to land the best care available.

Fortunately, DSD offers an infinite range of treatments that not only suit individual preferences and needs but is also affordable.


Five Reasons Why Online Marketing Is Important For Your Dental Clinic

More and more people are using the internet and social tools to decide which dentist to go to. Maintaining an excellent online presence is a real need for any dental clinic that aspires to grow and consolidate its brand according to certain standards of visibility, quality, and influx of new patients.

Still, do not have a website and active and attractive profiles in Social Networks? Below, we show you five reasons why your dental business requires recurring activity on the internet.

  1. The new patient is digital: Search, compare and choose a dental clinic that generates confidence.

Around 20 million people use Facebook habitually in Spain (more than 75% of Internet users), where we perform around 200,000 monthly searches on Google related to dentistry. The penetration of the online world, in this sense, is growing as the renewal of the population occurs.

One of the great innovation of the Internet hangs over the possibility of comparing multiple options before carrying out an election in any field. With health, for better or for worse, something similar happens: people seek and decide based on proximity, convenience, value for money and perceptions (experiences).

The digital patient is already here, and it’s here to stay. The clinics should be prepared to give you a quick response.

  1. Your Web and your Social Networks are the only references for those users who still do not know the query — the influence of public opinions.

Your website and your profiles on social networks are the only real image that your clinic has of those who use the internet in the geographical area in question for the choice of dentistry professional. It does not matter what good dentist you are or how modern the facilities are inside: if an internet user does not physically know your query, the only information you will have to decide will be the one provided by your website and your web pages ( if they find you). Hence the importance that these media are cared for and fully active.

Both Google and Facebook (and in some online medical directories) can leave reviews and public assessments about the experience in the consultation. The influence exerted by the opinions of other patients not known by the user is very considerable. At this point, it is decisive for a hesitant user that the reputation of the clinic is high; in the number of 5-star ratings and the wealth of positive comments.

  1. The referred patient corroborates on the internet the information of the clinic that they have recommended.

Although the “mouth to mouth” is the primary source of first visits for a consolidated dental practice, the number of people looking for the health professional who has recommended him on the Internet is increasing, in order to observe his contact information , the career of the professional, images of their facilities, the techniques or treatments they perform, their profiles on social networks, etc. It is not distrust, but an almost automatic practice that prevails among younger generations, who need to have a quick reference about something that may interest them.

If what the user sees on the internet about the dentist that they have suggested does not like (or does not find any information), most likely look for another alternative that meets their previous expectations.

  1. Increases visibility, allows segmentation and makes it possible to increase the first visits.

The direct consequence of the visibility in the online channels, maximize if it is full and of quality, is the achievement of patients that contact to make an appointment and that, of another way, never they had called.

To occupy a good position in Google (organic or paid) or to have a large number of people who visualize each day the publications on social networks allow access to new patients. The key, however, lies in combining a series of online marketing actions and maintaining a constant and attractive activity. There is no use of a beautiful website where no one enters, nor a web located in the first position of search engines that offers an old and outdated look.

Everything we do at the Internet level can be enhanced with ads aimed at specific users or searches conducted in our area. An example of them are the ads configured through Google Adwords, which make it easier for us to appear in the top positions of the search engine results when someone searches for terms such as “orthodontics in my city”, or ads on Facebook, through which we can show concrete advertising for different segments of the population (zip code, sex, age, interests …).

  1. Maintaining contact with the patient when he is not in the clinic is essential to build loyalty and encourage online recommendations.

Most clinics do not maintain any contact with the patient when they are not in the clinic; something that can be detrimental to patient loyalty and satisfaction. There are cases in which the patient, for the geographical area in which he resides, only receives annoying physical “leaflets” from the clinic (I say annoying because it is usual for the consultation and you do not need to see those promotions or feedback messages), something generally counterproductive

Those users who already trust you, especially those between the ages of 18 and 40, like to keep in touch with the places or businesses where they receive the provision of certain services. A dental clinic should not be less. Social Networks, sending periodic Newsletters by email and other digital communications (SMS, apps, etc.) make it possible for your patients to keep abreast of significant developments, as well as what happens inside the consultation. All this encourages your sense of belonging to a community and advances in the positioning of the brand of your dental clinic so that, when they have to go back to the dentist, or someone asks for advice, there is no better option in their mind.