About Our Company

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We are an expert team in Dental Marketing that has specialized in offering an excellent service to clinics in the dental sector. We carry out ethical and quality actions so that you get more patients and see the economic benefit of your clinic increased.

We want you to get more and better patients, and help you maximize the financial benefit of your dental clinic.

At Public Dental Consulting we have developed a set of dental marketing services to improve the business of your dental clinic. The specialization in Dentistry is the result of our knowledge and passion for the sector.

Our services are aimed at making your clinic known among the most significant possible number of people in your locality or geographical area so that they become patients. We also take care of the dental marketing activities that impact on the loyalty of your current patients and their families. We use the Internet and all the appropriate means to do so. In short, we want to generate more income for your clinic. Given the value of each new patient that arrives at the clinic, the profitability of dental marketing we perform is very high, both economically and regarding image.