BHS seniors to “leave their mark” through second annual parking spot painting event Saturday


A project allowing senior students at Bullard High School to the opportunity to add a little splash of color to their senior year experience will return to the campus this year.

The project, brought up by BHS administrators, was approved unanimously at the regular scheduled meeting of the Bullard ISD Board of Trustees last August, allowing BHS seniors to creatively decorate their parking spots.

“The parking lot painting is an old idea that has turned into a tradition at a lot of schools,” said Chris Pawlak, BHS assistant principal. “Last year was the first year that we’ve done it here at BHS. We were able to get the approval of the Bullard ISD and it turned out to be a fun project for the seniors and their parents. It’s awesome to see some of the designs the students think of in this project.”

Senior students, who already pay a $5 fee for a parking permit at BHS, were granted the chance to give the BHS parking lot a splash of color by paying $25 to be assigned a specific parking spot of their choosing.

A total of 51 students, as well as numerous parents, were on hand to decorate their parking spots together last year, as seniors created colorful masterpieces using water based exterior paint and unique designs. The event also featured a tailgate atmosphere with hot dogs, chips, and drinks provided by Brookshire’s in Bullard.

According to Pawlak, the project allows members of the senior class to figuratively and literally “leave their mark” on the BHS campus.

“We always talk to the seniors about finishing,” said Pawlak. “They’re on their last lap of their high school years. We wanted to make their last year fun and enjoyable for them. Anything we can do to help create memories for them is great.”

After paying for their parking spots, seniors will receive a senior parking pack, with will also included a paper for students to provide a sketch of their proposed parking spot design.

Designs painted onto BHS parking spots may not exceed the parking space outline and must be school appropriate. Any artwork depicting items, symbols, or language that BHS administration officials deem inappropriate will not be allowed. Any student who paints inappropriately will lose the privilege of having their senior spot and will not be issued a refund.

Students may choose to incorporate their name, athletic jersey number, musical instrument, hobbies, famous quotes and slogans, or anything unique to the student, but it must meet the approval of BHS officials.

Students wishing to design their parking spots must provide their own concrete appropriate paint in approved colors, along with paintbrushes, painter’s tape, rags, tarps, or other necessary supplies.

Paints used in the project must be water based exterior paints, which can be purchased at retail stores such as Bullard Hardware, Sherwin Williams, Lowes, and Home Depot. No reflective paint, spray pain, or fluorescent paints will be allowed to be used. Students must keep a four inch unpainted barrier between the white parking space lines and the paint in their parking spot.

Students will be able to decorate their parking spots beginning Saturday, Sept. 9. According to Pawlak, students are encouraged to arrive at 4:45 p.m. to receive instructions on picking their spots before being moved to a designated area and released to claim their parking places. All parking spots and the names of the students claiming them will be recorded by BHS administrators.

Decorating will officially take place from 5-9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 9. Students will be allowed to finish painting from 4-7 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10, if necessary.

All students choosing to participate in the parking spot decoration project at BHS will be required to paint over the design at the end of the year with approved paint or pay $20 to have the painting done for them.

The deadline for students to receive, fill out, and return packets for the parking lot space design project is Thursday, Sept. 7. For more information, contact BHS at (903) 894-3272.


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