BISD Board President submits resignation letter


A longstanding member of the Bullard Independent School District Board of Trustees has announced his plans to step down from his seat on the panel at the end of this year.

According to a resignation letter obtained by Bullard Banner News and addressed to the Bullard ISD Board of Trustees, board president John Alexander (Place 3) told the board he will continue to serve as the board’s president and trustee until Sunday, Dec. 31.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of Bullard ISD and the Bullard community that have supported me in my endeavors to represent our community as a Trustee for the Bullard ISD,” said Alexander, in his letter. “This year marks my 10th year of tenure of service for BISD, and I will be eternally grateful for the relationships I’ve built and experienced through my service towards this district. I thoroughly believe Bullard ISD is a special place for families, and I will miss the role I’ve played for BISD as a Trustee.”

Alexander, owner of Our Family Vet, formerly Bullard Veterinary Medical Center, was re-elected as the Place 3 trustee in the May 2017 general election, running unopposed.

In his letter of resignation, Alexander cited changes in his life during the past year, which has caused him to take a step back and refocus.

“During the last part of this summer (2017), circumstances changed in my life, both professionally and personally, that will affect my ability to serve, per JA standards, as a Trustee for BISD moving forward,” said Alexander, in his letter. “One thing about life: the future can be hard to predict, not matter how much planning is involved. A second thing about life: you never know when new challenges will rise. Well, new challenges have risen for me, and I’m looking forward to a new phase of life. In 2018, I will turn 50 years old. It’s taken me nearly 50 years to realize that I can’t take care of everyone. I’ve certainly tried, and I hope my footprints through the Bullard ISD have led to higher expectations, dedication, and commitment from the people I’ve served.”

Alexander also stated that he believes in a positive future for Bullard ISD, and encouraged current board members and school leaders to lead the district in terms of education and innovation.

“The future is bright for Bullard ISD,” said Alexander, in his letter. “Now is the time for all entities that represent the Bullard ISD to recognize ‘The Sky is the Limit’ for what this district can accomplish for Bullard, for Texas, for the United States, and for our world. Change is a constant part of life. Good leaders are able to reflect on the past, embrace the changes ahead, and lead through determination. ‘Talking the talk’ is one concept, but ‘walking the walk’ can be a whole different venue. My charge to the leaders of BISD: take a good look at yourself in the mirror, dig deep, reflect, embrace, and show the passion with the determination required to make BISD an excited District of Innovation who provides an exceptional education to the children of our Bullard community. Simply stated: Lead the Way!”

A graduate of Carthage High School in 1986, Alexander attended Palona Junior College, then transferred to Texas A&M University in College Station, where he received a Bachelor degree in Animal Science 1990. He also received a Doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1997. He currently owns the Our Family Vet organization, which has veterinary medical centers in Bullard, Tyler, and Jacksonville.

In an interview in February, Alexander spoke highly of the Board of Trustees, saying he is proud of the new district goals for the next year.

“This is the first time that the Bullard ISD Board of Trustees have diligently spent the time that’s required of us to actually lay out district goals for the next year,” said Alexander. “I’m very proud of my fellow board members for their willingness to map out the blueprint for our district currently and in the future. It’s taken a lot of work by the seven of us, but I believe the district’s future is bright and these goals are achievable for Bullard ISD. We are committed to make this district a lighthouse district in East Texas, which requires a strong foundation. With Mr. Schneider taking the goals and enacting the plan to achieve them, Bullard ISD has a bright future ahead of it.”

He also said made the right call when hiring Superintendent Todd Schneider in January 2015, allowing Schneider to instill a new level of organization to the district.

“I feel very strongly that Todd Schneider is the right person for the right time, both for Bullard ISD and also for him, as a superintendent,” said Alexander. “I firmly believe that life is about timing. He has brought in an accountability factor and an expectation factor that is centered around the belief that the children of this district come first. He looks at decisions from top to bottom and thinks about how it will benefit the students of this district first and foremost. That’s exactly what I want to be a part of. The board members who were a part of hiring Mr. Schneider made the right decision. He has worked well and been up front with the board and provided a good level of communication. There’s no doubt he has been a needed personality at a time of transition.”

According to Alexander, the district has changed since his first term on the Bullard ISD Board of Trustees 12 years ago, having grown out of a rural school district into a district with high levels of growth.

“It is a different district,” said Alexander. “I’ve had a son, as well as a daughter with special needs, go through the system at Bullard ISD. I’ve been fortunate enough to see both the special education side and regular side. There’s no doubt we were a rural small town America school district back then. Now, the city of Bullard has grown by leaps and bounds and our enrollment numbers at Bullard ISD are up. The expectations of parents are very high, which is expected because of our district motto, Excellence Through Education. There’s always room for improvement, but I believe we are doing a good job across the board.”

Alexander took the time to thank the district for the support throughout his tenure, and pledged to continue to support the district.

“Bullard ISD: Thank you!” said Alexander, in his letter, “You’ve been good to my family, and you have helped mold me into a better human being. I’m proud of my service to BISD, and I will always be a huge supporter of public education. This resignation is not “good-bye,” but it is a retirement from Board service. Again, thank you. It’s been a great ride!”

Alexander read his letter of resignation aloud at the Bullard ISD school board meeting, held Monday, Nov. 13, and presented the letter to district officials.


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