Bullard man gets 10 years probation for Enticing a Child


A Bullard man, originally arrested and indicted for sexual assault of a child, was sentenced last week on a lesser charge of Enticing a Child.

Cory Jacob Caraway, 25, of Bullard was arrested April 17 after a warrant was issued by District Judge Christi Kennedy. Caraway was indicted in June for sexually assault of a child – a teenager with whom he was engaged in a long-term relationship. He was released the next day on $75,000 bond.

In June, he was indicted on the charge by the 241st Judicial District Court of Judge Jack Skeen, Jr., in Tyler.

Caraway was sentenced by Judge Kennedy to 10 months of probation following Caraway’s plea of guilty on the enticement charge on Friday, Nov. 17. Previously, Caraway appeared before Judge Kennedy and waived his right to a jury trial and entered a plea of guilty.

With the sentencing, Judge Kennedy set Caraway’s parole conditions, including working a minimum of 30 hours a week, refraining from purchasing or consuming alcohol, and not entering establishments such as bars, taverns, and lounges. Caraway must also make scheduled visits to a Smith County parole officer and enroll in a sexual offender class.

The court also heard from Caraway’s lawyer, who presented sworn statements to the judge and a statement from the victim’s parents that Caraway and the victim plan to be married.

Caraway, who was in the courtroom with his lawyer for the sentencing hearing, told Judge Kennedy he recently was hired in the oil fields of West Texas, working as a welder in Midland County. Caraway will be required to visit his parole officer in Smith County during the weeks he is not working.

According to the arrest affidavit in Caraway’s case, the mother of the child contacted authorities in January, saying her 16-year-old daughter had been having a sexual relationship with Caraway at a residence on Cedar Bay Dr., in Bullard, for at least two months. The affidavit identified Caraway as a roommate of the mother’s niece, whom the mother said introduced her daughter to Caraway.

The mother also supplied authorities with emails sent to and from the victim and Caraway on the victim’s school computer, as well as the victim’s cell phone.

The mother brought the victim to meet with investigators where she admitted to meeting Caraway at her cousin’s house, according to the affidavit. She also said they started dating in December 2016 and had sexual encounters once and that Caraway did not force her to participate.

Caraway, who was working in Arkansas, was contacted by authorities and admitted to having a relationship with the victim. According to Caraway, he never forced her to participate.


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