Fireside talk radio sparks up


Some things are just plain tough to talk about. Two years ago, if you had asked me if I would I do anything radio, podcasting, or blogging, my answer would have been simple.

“Never!Newspaper gal all the way.”

However, last month I started an adventure of epic proportions. Okay, maybe epic is a bit hyperbolic, but you know me.

We launched Fireside Talk Radio. Not without roadblocks.

Far starters, one radio station backed out when they heard our promo about recovering from abortion. Apparently anything associated with abortion is controversial. Seriously? Everyone I know, no matter their political persuasion, hates the idea of abortion. We all agree it’s a terrible choice. Plus, everyone really wants families wounded by the lingering after-affects abortion to get help. There’s tons folks agree on when it comes to abortion. But no one knows it if we don’t talk honestly and compassionately.

Fireside Talk Radio is designed to spark up healthy conversations in families, leading to openness, compassion, and fellowship. We take on the hardest topics. Not to create controversy at all. Instead, we hope to spark conversations that ferment unity, understanding, and mutual respect.

Conversations don’t have to disintegrate into arguments and name calling. Although, if you tune in to national news sources, you might assume journalism has devolved into one rude shouting match.

At Fireside Talk Radio, we invite guests to tell their deeply personal stories, then share what they learned in their struggles. We hope this opens up conversations at your house, as it already has at ours.

Having conversations about how to age with dignity tops my personal list right now. Upcoming shows also address chronic pain, date rape, abortion recovery, sex after breast cancer, and more. You name it, we talk about it. So far, we’ve had conversations with amazing folks like B.J. Garrett, Susan Ellsworth, Frankie Picasso, Mary Ottman, and more.

I feel honored to bring the best my friends have to offer. Their stories bring tears to our eyes when we consider the courage and power of these inspiring individuals. Their reason for sharing such personal information is their hope that our pain will be eased in the hearing.

Stories are like that. They have the power to comfort. Fellowship is created when we drop our guard and expose the tenderest places in our hearts.

In our first episode, the amazing Robyn Boyd shared about discovering her mother was unconscious with a stroke. As I listened I was overwhelmed with gratitude for Robin’s vulnerability. She offers tips for other women on how to balance Sandwich Generation issues, like how to be a working mom and the care-taking daughter simultaneously.

I want to thank Robin, along with all my guests, for the generosity in sharing their stories. I hope you will send us your own stories. You matter to me.

Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. Contact her at


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