Flint man arrested on charges of child sexual abuse


A Flint resident, who also is a prominent insurance agent in the East Texas area, was arrested last week, and is now facing charges relating to child sexual abuse.

William “Chip” Ronald Crist, 46, of Flint, was arrested on Thursday, March 8 inside of the Bullard Police Department, according to Smith County Judicial Records. Warrants for Crist’s arrest were signed by Senior State district Judge Joe D. Clayton.

The charges against Crist include one count of Continual Sexual Abuse of a Young Child or Children (Felony 1), as well as two counts of Sexual Assault of a Child (Felony 2).

Crist is listed as the president and director of Chip Crist Allstate Agency, located at 4719 Old Bullard Rd. in Tyler.

In a statement from Crist’s lawyer to the Bullard Banner News, the allegations against Crist have arisen during the time of a heated divorce battle.

“My client adamantly denies the charges against him,” said Scott Ellis, of The Ellis Law Firm in Tyler, representing Crist. “He is currently going through a bitter divorce from his wife and we believe these allegations are being made by his wife for financial reasons and by his accuser for personal reasons, none of which have to do with what he has been accused of.”

Ellis said after his arrest, his client took part in a polygraph examination, which allegedly Crist passed.

“Mr. Crist passed a polygraph exam regarding these allegations,” said Ellis. “The exam was conducted by one of the leading polygraph examiners in the state of Texas. The results of this test clearly showed my client was telling the truth when he denied the allegations against him.”

According to Ellis, he plans to take the results of Crist’s polygraph examination to the Bullard Police Department and to the Smith County Sheriff’s Department in an effort to prove his client’s innocence.

Crist was booked into the Smith County Jail at approximately 4:30 p.m. Thursday with bonds totaling $30,000. He was released from jail after paying bail on Friday, March 9.


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