Jacobs first BISD trustee named to Leadership TASB program


A member of the Bullard Independent School District Board of Trustees was recently selected in a Texas Association of School Boards program aimed at helping and bettering school boards across the state.

Jon Jacobs, elected to the Place 6 chair of the Bullard ISD school board in May 2016, will represent the district as a part of the year-long Leadership TASB program.

“This is an awesome opportunity, not just for me but also for Bullard ISD,” said Jacobs, when asked about the recognition. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to learn and give back as much as I can. This position allows me to be a voice for Bullard ISD; Bullard is a fast-growth district, so there are a lot of things that through this opportunity, I will be able to share ideas with other school board members who are a part of Leadership TASB that may have already experienced the result of having exponential growth, as well as help to guide board members of districts who may be at the cusp of experiencing growth in their own district. I’m very proud to have been selected for this program and hope to contribute and bring back ideas.”

Jacobs is now one of a 34-member committee consisting of school board trustees selected across the state of Texas for Leadership TASB out of the over 1,000 school districts in the state’s 20 regions.

Entering his second year of his first three-year term on the Bullard ISD Board of Trustees, Jacobs aspires to absorb and bring back suggestions and ideas after hearing from other members of Leadership TASB about their experiences with their own local school boards.

“When I get involved in something, I put all of me into it,” said Jacobs. “I research and I want to be like a sponge, absorbing as much as I can. I’ve previously attended various trainings and conferences, both without other Bullard ISD school board members, simply because it was an area of interest for me. By attending those events, I’ve learned several about several topics that I hope to now contribute and pass on to other school board members across the state.”

Leadership TASB is a unique board development program designed to take experienced board members to a new level of service and leadership by exposing them to a variety of issues, people, activities, and locations during a year-long program. The program is composed of multiple training sessions held among a collective group of 25 to 36 participants.

According to the program’s website, Leadership TASB inspires school board trustees to be proactive, visionary leaders who promote educational excellence for all children in Texas public schools. The program’s goals include challenging, developing, and supporting emerging leaders; serving as a catalyst for mentoring and networking among school board trustees; providing all school board trustees with a peer-level resource for information and assistance; increase personal involvement in state and local activities that contribute to the growth and enhancement of school board trusteeship; and heightening knowledge of and influence policy on state and national issues.

Members of the Leadership TASB program are chosen for their leadership in the local district and community, as well as for their representation of the diversity of Texas school districts.

With his selection to Leadership TASB, Jacobs has become the first Bullard ISD school board member to be selected for the prestigious position.

“I’m very honored and privileged to be the first Bullard school board member selected for Leadership TASB,” said Jacobs. “In order to apply for Leadership TASB, I have to have the backing and support from our superintendent, Todd Schneider, and our school board president, Dr. John Alexander. I was also encouraged by other school board members to pursue this and look into Leadership TASB, which I appreciate their support, as well. I believe that through this program, it will be a great experience for Bullard ISD and our school board.”

Traditionally, the year-long Leadership TASB program includes five weekend sessions lasting approximately two or three days. The program’s sessions rotate among different Texas cities and include visits to successful schools and innovative programs.

The program begins with the Texas Association of School Administrators/TASB Convention, to be held Friday through Sunday, Oct. 6-8, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, and ends at the TASB Summer Leadership Institute, slated for mid-June.

According to Jacobs, participants in leadership TASB build relationships with colleagues from around the state while discovering solutions for today’s public education challenges and learn how to address the challenges that will arrive in the future.

“Leadership TASB is much more than a series of training sessions,” said Jacobs. “It is an opportunity to become part of a network of school board trustees and leaders who learn and work together to improve school governance in Texas, which allows our students to be better prepared for life in the next century.”

Leadership TASB program participants gain connections and learn skills helping them to perform activities after their graduation from the program, such as serving as a mentor for new trustees; building community coalitions with citizens, community groups, and local businesses to support public education; speaking to citizens and community groups about education issues, sharing knowledge of innovative programs around the state with educators in their districts and community; writing editorials about education for local newspapers and submitting articles about effective practices to Texas Lone Star Magazine; testifying before the Texas Legislature and State Board of Education; assisting with or leading training sessions for board candidates and trustees; assuming leadership roles in area school board associations; serving on TASB advisory committees and developing new products and services for school boards and leadership teams; serving as an advisor for state-wide education initiatives; and continuing to communicate with fellow graduates to share ideas and solutions to public education’s challenges.

Jacobs is a mortgage broker with Eagle Home Loans in Tyler. He has two daughters; Heather and Hayley; and two sons that attend Bullard High School, Parker, and Chase; as well as two granddaughters: Katelyn and Kinzey. He has been a resident of Bullard for approximately five years and a resident of the Tyler-Bullard- Flint area for almost 40 years.

For more information about Leadership TASB, visit www.tasb.org/Services/Leadership-Team-Services/Training/Leadership-TASB.aspx.


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