Panther football program looks to raise money for cancer awareness, right to wear pink


With the month of October recognized across the country as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Bullard Panther football program will be working to raise donations to help those diagnosed with cancer in the program’s newest fundraising event.

According to Bullard ISD athletic director and head football coach Scott Callaway, the Panther varsity football team will gain the opportunity to wear pink at an upcoming football game if they can meet the fundraising goal set by the coaches.

“We chose to do this as a community outreach and community service project with our athletes,” said Callaway. “We always want out student athletes to serve others. It’s not all about winning ball games; we’re trying to share with them that it’s about working together as a team to help and serve others.”

Callaway said the idea for the fundraiser and the reward for the Panther football program came to him after receiving a request from players shortly after his tenure at Bullard ISD began earlier this year.

“The players hit me up when I first got here and asked me if they could wear pink in October, and I told them we could wear pink for one game and that I’d talk to them about it when the time got closer,” said Callaway. “I wanted to give the team an incentive to wear pink, not just to wear pink to say they wore pink. I wanted there to be a purpose in why we would potentially wear pink, if they chose to wear it, that we’re helping others through raising funds, not just wearing a color and saying we’re doing something; we want to actually help people. The whole purpose of cancer awareness is not just to wear pink, but it’s to actually bring awareness to a horrible disease that has probably touched all of our lives in one way or other, whether it’s a family member or loved one who has fought against cancer.”

If the Bullard Panther football program is able to reach or exceed the $1,500 donation goal set by Callaway and his coaching staff, the varsity football team will be eligible to wear pink as a part of their Friday Night Lights attire when the team faces off in a district matchup against the Tyler Chapel Hill Bulldogs Friday, Oct. 20, at Panther Stadium.

Over the past two years, the Panther football team, as well as the Panther cheerleading squads, has answered the call when it comes to raising funds that benefit those diagnosed with cancer, having previously donated over $2,400 to FitSTEPS for Life.

All funds raised by the Panther football program will be directly donated to FitSTEPS for Life, and locally affected families.

For more information about the Panther football program’s fundraising efforts, or to donate to the cause, contact Linda Howland, Bullard ISD Extracurricular Secretary, at (903) 894-6639, or email Checks can be made out to Bullard ISD.


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