Qualified for influence in a messy world: Ready for the Messiah


We hear discussions about mass shootings in schools and public places and our hearts break. We pray, cringing as we hope that our community will be spared. With thoughts of Easter, our hearts long for hope. What we really need in today’s world is people able to influence whole communities for the better.

In last week’s column, we saw that our past does not disqualify us from being people of influence. We see in John 4 that the Woman at the Well impacts her whole community. Amazing, isn’t it? But how is she qualified for such influence?

She’s qualified because she is ready. Could it really be that simple? Yep, it sure is.

“I know the Messiah is coming,” she says in verse 25. Now, how could she possibly know that? Samaria is the last place a Jewish teacher might decide to wander. In fact, the scripture tells us Jesus is intentionally there in the last place on earth anyone would have thought to look.

And yet, this dear woman is ready. She’s watching. Not only is she ready, she’s given it enough though that she has a set idea of what to expect. You know, just in case He comes wandering up and happens to catch her going about her daily chores alone. When He comes, He will tell us all things, she says.

Ah, what faith! No wonder the others follow her quickly to meet Him.

During their amazing conversational adventure, Jesus even tells her that God is the One doing the seeking. Can we imagine a God of the universe who is actually seeking us out? If not for Jesus, this concept would surely be beyond our imagination.

In fact, God seeks us out through the life of His Son, Jesus. This is the unique truth that sets Christianity apart from all other religions. Other religions teach man’s need to seek God. Christianity teaches Jesus came to us, seeking us, willingly laying down His life for ours.

Truly, as tempting as it may be to judge Christianity by us Christians, it’s Jesus’ arrival as a human that sets Christianity apart. That and Jesus’ loving sacrifice and history-changing resurrection.

The Woman at the Well is our kinda gal; so smart, hard-working, bold, and humble. It’s no wonder her community follows her quickly to meet the One who is Savior of the world.

This Easter, I pray you meet with Him, too, in the quiet place where He is seeking you out.

Christianity teaches that God seeks man and provides for our spirituality Himself. While other religions teach that we worship God by working to please Him, Christianity teaches that we respond in joyful gratitude to the God who seeks us out. Are you ready?

Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. Contact her at


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