Websites. Groan.


Do you feel overwhelmed by all the stuff small business owners have to do now? I sat across from a very successful media exec this week and we laughed because his website needs an update desperately; no pictures at all.

In fact, he confessed that the update was in its final stage, but he’d been too busy to approve it. Apparently, the young techies in his office threatened revolt. So, as we chuckled together, I encouraged him to text them a time reserved on his calendar.

While small business owners are busy taking care of customers’ needs, it seems technology races past us at the speed of light.

My brain is fried from all the techy stuff I’ve done lately. Writing a manuscript is nothing compared to building the platform that will get it noticed by publishers. Groan.

However, this is good news for you. Because, if there’s one thing I like better than writing, it is sharing costly information with all my friends for absolutely free. So, here are some of my favorite discoveries, which I paid consultants to help me figure out.

My blog,, where Truth and Twang Meet, pops up on WordPress. I hope you go there and sign up for my weekly emails. Let’s just say if you want to blackmail me, you should watch my first video blog. My kids all cracked up on my first few tries. For the record, it’s not supposed to be funny.

A gifted techy coached me through WordPress initially. Now, obsessively playing around on my site evaporates valuable time daily.

MailChimp sends out my blog to friends, relatives, actually just about anybody who will play along. Don’t feel left out if your name isn’t on my list yet. You can subscribe easily on my site. We used a plug in to create the button that says, “Sign Up Here.” A plug in is a widget. Don’t ask me what a widget is. Instead, just ask a teenager. They teach this stuff in high school now.

I also post memes to Pinterest, which my kids correct me with chortling hilarity each time I say PinInterest. Who knew an extra syllable could be so funny?

In case you don’t know what a meme is, it’s what we used to call a quote. Please adopt this word promptly. Knowing what a meme is ensures your super-coolness to all young people. By the way, informed sources tell me that if you say super-cool, you probably aren’t. I’m a self-dubbed Meme Queen; being super-cool is probably out of my reach.

If I sound a little depressed, forgive me. Right now I am trying to figure out what the Fiverr gal meant with her last question about the cheap graphics I just ordered. Groan.

Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. Comments are invited at


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